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A great choice for fans of major retailers, the Target RedCard offers an instant 5% cashback at checkout on most in-store and purchases. Target RedCard is one of the few retail credit cards that really pays off. In addition to a regular discount cardholders receive at checkout, the card’s many benefits can help you save money.


The Target RedCard is a rewards credit card that can only be used at Target stores or While opening a retail Target Redcard Payment card can be a risky move, the benefits that come with it are well worth it for frequent or even occasional target shoppers.


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Target offers different cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, and Mastercard options, which are not available to new applicants. While Target stores and their credit cards have gone through some changes in recent years, the store’s popularity remains as strong as ever. If you are considering one of the two Target REDcards (one is a credit card and the other is a debit card) that are available.

Target Redcard Sign In Steps And Stages

The Target My RedCard RCMA web portal is a secure system. Target Redcard Sign In is available to all authorized RedCard members from any Internet-connected device, such as a computer or smartphone, 24/7, from anywhere on the Internet.

If you have red cards, for example. You can enroll in Manage My Red Card with a Target credit card, Redcard Target debit card, or Redcard Target MasterCard. And create an online account for easy access to the benefits listed above. To My Target Redcard Sign In, you can follow the below given steps.

  • Access the Target Manage My RedCard Target Redcard Login portal at
  • You will find the “Target Redcard Login” button in the middle of the “Target Redcard Login” section at the bottom of the page. Please click this button.
  • On the My Target Redcard Login page, enter your 16-digit My Target Redcard number without dashes in the Card Number field.
  • Click the red “Start Recording” button.
  • Provide additional information when asked to verify account information.
  • Follow the instructions and set up your My Target Redcard online account credentials, including username, password, security questions, and answers.

Once you are successfully done with Target Redcard Sign In procedure then it is very easy to Target Red Card Payment Login into the official portal.

Target Redcard Login Procedure For Registered Users

After Target Redcard Sign In for online access or if you are already a Target Manage My RedCard user, you can log in to the portal. And manage your Target RedCard credit card or debit card account online as follows.


  • Access the Target My RedCard RCMA portal,
  • Enter the username and password configured during registration in the appropriate fields in the “Target Redcard Login to manage my red card” field.
  • The password field is case-sensitive. If necessary, activate the “Show password” button to enter the access data correctly.
  • The “Target Redcard Login” button below will allow you to access the Target RedCard account online, so you can enjoy all the features and benefits of that account.

Reasons You Need A Target REDcard

At Free Stuff Finder, we love coupons at Target. There are so many ways to save, it’s easy for everyone. One of the biggest savings is using a Target Redcard Payment. Don’t want to get a Target Credit Card from another store? Spoiler alert: you don’t have to! Anyway, do you mostly use your ATM or Target Credit Card? Find out why you should order the Target REDcard to get those savings.

  1. It doesn’t have to be a Target credit card.

This credit card is available to Target customers as both a credit card and a Target Debit Card. That means you can get all the savings without having to pay another credit card or perform a credit check every month! Like any other debit card, it is debited directly from the existing checking account to which it is assigned. It is automatically superior to other Target Redcard Payment cards in the store.

Think of it this way: if you already use your bank debit card to pay at Target, you can also upgrade to the Target REDcard debit card to pay for additional benefits and savings. Best of all, both options are completely FREE!

  1. Extra 5% discount on everything. All the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could save hundreds of dollars each year without doing anything but swipe your credit card? Target REDcard members receive an additional 5% discount on their purchases each time. These are additional savings on top of Cartwheel coupons and offers.

Ready for a secret? The 5% discount even applies to non-destination 3rd party gift cards – is anyone discounting a trip to Disney? Starbuck? Your savings are automatically reflected at the bottom of every receipt you use your REDcard for. You’ll be surprised how much this is! There are certain limitations. For example, the 5% is not deducted on Target eye exams, prescriptions, or Target gift card purchases (Note: Target gift cards are treated differently from third-party gift cards, such as gift cards from Target. Starbucks or Disney (you can’t get the discount on Target gift cards, but you can with non-Target gift cards.) But for regular purchases of items like household or baby items, it’s definitely applicable!


  1. Free shipping on all purchases.

Target REDcard members receive FREE shipping on all purchases. Non-cardholders must pay shipping for all purchases under $25. So it’s a great way to save an average of $8 (or more) in shipping costs for all orders. Also, no coupon code is required; Simply pay with your REDcard and the shipping costs will be automatically deducted, along with your additional 5% refund.

  1. Extended returns on all purchases.

Moreover, you will receive advanced feedback on every purchase you make (online and in-store). You have 30 days to return anything you buy with your Target REDcard and if you decide you don’t want it, you can return it. That’s a total of up to 120 days to return an item! Do you regret buying all those random Christmas ornaments at 90% off? No problem. Upon presentation of the REDcard, you can return it until May.

Do you easily lose your receipts? You don’t even need to save it for returns! As long as you pay for the item with your Target REDcard, they can find the item and credit your card! How amazing is that?

  1. Exclusive Coupons.

Occasionally, Target REDcard holders will receive exclusive Target coupons in the mail. For me, it only came a few times a year. But whenever I get them, it’s always rare, high-value savings that non-holders lose. A few weeks ago I received another flyer with a coupon for a dozen eggs FREE! Don’t miss out!

  1. Occasional Gifts

From time to time, Target REDcard holders will receive exclusive GIFT offers from Target Cafe or Starbucks in stores. These are usually fun gifts like FREE popcorn, FREE ice cream, etc. You don’t need a coupon or anything to get them. See how freebies are advertised in the store (or see it here) and show your REDcard instead of paying!

Features Of Target Red Card

  • Attractiveness and availability of the item at Target.

You can buy thousands of products on Target’s official website or store. You can buy groceries, clothing, electronics, video games, sports, crafts, toys, baby products, and more. All everyday household items can be found here in a wide range of price ranges.

  • Return Policy

The return policy is also different for those with a red card and for white ones. If you have a Target Red card, you have an additional 30 days after making a purchase on or at the Target store through Target Red Card Payment Login (credit card, debit card, or Target MasterCard) to return the items purchased. Based on this policy, you may qualify for a red card if you return something.

  • No annual fees

Check the official website – Rule 1 and Rule 2

  • 5% discount on applied purchases

When you buy something with a target red card (debit, credit, Mastercard) on or at target stores, you get a 5% discount. Plus a long list of items that are not eligible for the 5% off offer.

  • Free door to door shipping

When you buy something on with Target’s red cards (debit, credit, MasterCard), you get a free shipping offer. However, this offer is only valid in the 50 approved states and districts of Colombia and in connection with APO/FPO and Puerto Rico addresses. However, if you update your shipping methods, shipping costs will apply.

  • Target Red Card $40 off Qualifying Purchases

This offer is for new cardholders and is valid from 07/03/21 to 03/04/21. With this offer, each time you are approved for a Target credit or debit card at and at Target stores, you will receive a $40 coupon for an eligible $40 purchase. This coupon will be mailed to the approved cardholder with a red destination card and is valid until 01/05/21.


  • Support

Target Customer Service Number: 800-659-2396

  • Two-day shipping

Two-day shipping is available for eligible items when purchasing on with your red card. Both shipping offers may vary from location to location and if you are eligible for this shipping offer it will be indicated on the product detail page, shopping cart, and checkout page.

  • Target Identity Protection Guide

For more complete rules and guidelines, visit the official website:

Official NameTarget RedCard
Portal TypeLogin Portal
Managed ByRedCard

About Target Red Card

The Target debit card linked to your existing checking account can only be used for cash withdrawals up to $40. The credit card option is a little more flexible and you only need to pay the monthly bills, which can be done by site. It is important to note that there is an estimated late Target Redcard Payment fee of $38 and a refund fee.

The REDcard can be used every day with an additional 5% discount on Target purchases. Please note that this does not apply to Target Optical prescriptions, gift cards or products. In addition to the 5% discount, Target promises free 2-day shipping for those who like to shop online. This service applies to orders shipped to all 50 states. It also allows an extended return of up to 30 days. However, this option does not apply to Target mobile purchases and those that have a fixed period for a return date.

The REDcard has a high APR of 25%, forcing the customer to opt for a REDcard from Mastercard Incorporated, which is a combination of the benefits of the red card and a traditional credit card. The retail giant aims to attract much of its customer base through the loyalty program. This is very evident with their new initiative to offer an additional 5% when you use your REDcard at any Starbucks store. When using “Cartwheel” to make a purchase, you get the initial 5-50% discount plus an additional 5% discount.


Customer ServiceĀ 

Contact Target REDcard – Below are Target REDcard customer service details including phone and email. In addition to the contact details, the page also provides a brief overview of the loyalty program.

Address (paid postage)

destination map services

DUST. Box 660170

Dallas, TX 75266-0170

Customer service

Phone: 1-800-424-6888 (credit card)

Phone: 1-888-729-7331 (debit card)

Email: zero

End Result

Target RedCard would probably be the choice we would make if we had to choose just one. While neither is perfect, RedCard offers maximum benefits with a 5% discount on almost all products and all-important two-day free shipping. Circle membership is still a great program because it costs nothing and gives you 1% back on most purchases, but you’ll need to be a true coupon connoisseur to get the most out of it. Ultimately, if you shop at Target regularly, both programs are probably worth your time.

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