In addition to the traditional credit cards offered by Target (called Target Mastercards), Target also offers credit cards for business customers, called Target Credit Cards.


If you want to get a Target RedCard, you can choose between a Target Mastercard, a Target Credit Card, or a Target Debit Card. There are many people who shop at Target frequently, so a Target credit card will be of particular benefit to them.

Know The Various Features Of Login

  • If you prefer, you can choose the Target RBC MasterCard, which has no fees.
  • Receive 5% cashback on any Target purchase as long as you use Target MasterCard as your payment method.
  • It also offers 0.5% cash rewards on all purchases (outside of Target), as well as purchase security and extended warranty insurance.
  • Target also offers a debit card that is automatically withdrawn from your checking account.
  • Each card has similar benefits.

Considering Target is still a relatively new retailer in Canada, most don’t really understand what the program is about or how easy it is to get. Many consumers are unaware that the savings are applied directly to the purchase and if they don’t use a Target REDcard, they are missing out on the 5% savings on almost every purchase!

Until recently, I was unaware of all the details of the Target REDcard. I was impressed with how easy it was to sign up! I applied for the REDcard debit card online and within minutes my order was processed and approved. The Target REDcard debit card option debits your existing personal checking account. Only Target stores accept this card. You do not need to open a new bank account.

Private-label Target RedCards and Target debit cards are closed-loop, which means that they can only be used at Target stores and online. Mastercards are accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted.