Reset Credentials

The Target RedCard also offers other benefits to shoppers, including free shipping from and an additional 30 days to return items beyond the public return window. RedCard holders may also qualify for exclusive extras based on past purchases or geographic location. Some additional offers and discounts are available to everyone during limited time promotions.


All credit cards have associated fees, but the credit version of RedCard has high fees. The APR varies by market, but is usually between 20% and 25%. Late fees are $40 each, and refunds can add $29 to your next bill. In other words, if you don’t pay your bill, it can get out of hand before you know it.

How To Retrieve Forgotten Credentials?

You always have the option to recover your username or reset your password for your Target RedCard Online account if necessary. For the recovery process

  • Click on “Forgot your username or password?” Link below in login area Manage my RedCard
  • Choose between Forgot Username or Forgot Password depending on your needs.
  • Enter the email address associated with your Target RedCard. To reset your password, please also provide your Target My Red Card Online account username.
  • Click the Submit button and follow the onscreen instructions to receive your username or reset your password for your My RedCard account.
  • Please note that instead of your email address, you can also find your username using the Target credit or debit card used to register your My RedCard account online. To do this, click on the “Recover username with card information” link in the “I forgot my username” section.


If you are still having trouble recovering your password, please contact customer service.

Contact information:

Target Credit Card and Mastercard Customer Service Number: 1-800-424-6888 (US), 1-612-815-9922 (outside US). Target Red Card Debit Card Customer Service Number: 1-888-729-7331